Have you ever wondered what a song sounds like as Lee Roy is writing and getting it ready to record?

Well, here’s your chance, we’re giving you a FREE DOWNLOAD of a rough demo that will be recorded for a future album.

Recorded in Lee Roy’s own studio, with co-writer Greg Barnhill, Lee Roy plays all the guitars and sings, of course. There didn’t happen to be a drum kit set up in the studio at the time of this recording, so what you hear as “drums or percussion” is being played on various cups, glasses, dishes, pans, whatever was available to get the job done. Kind of fun what comes out of the studio when creativity strikes, huh? It truly is a process, and each song can grow and change as the artist and musicians work on it, until it becomes what you all end up hearing on the radio, stereo, or iPod. We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the creative process. Stay tuned to hear the final version of the song when it’s released officially. Much more great new music to come!

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