Lee Roy Parnell recently announced he will host and Topeka Live will present his first virtual workshop ever, “Lee Roy Parnell’s Soulful Slide Guitar School,” on Saturday, Nov. 21st at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Friends, I hope you can join me for my “Soulful Slide Guitar School.” It’s going to be a lot of fun!

I’ll share insights and tips on what I do (slide playing and regular playing) and how to become a better player (no matter what level you’re at). I’ll also play some music for you, and we’ll have some time to “hang,” too, so bring your questions for Q&A. I have some secrets I’ll share with you about the power of learning and using melody when building a solo, leaning on nuance to become a truly great player, and helping you mine out of yourself your own precious Sonic Soul Stamp so that you sound like YOU. The way a great player will “squeeze” a note into submission is a beautiful thing to behold. Everyone listening can “feel” that. The fundamental note may be the exact same note but it’s how you get into and out of that note that is musical. Music isn’t information, it’s communication. It’s about telling a story. Your story.
I like to meet fellow guitarists right where they are with their playing, find out where they hope to go and help them get there. Most players are better than they think they are. More often than not, they are simply in a rut. It’s amazing how stepping out of their comfort zone, even just a little, will expand their horizons. It’s exciting for me to see the metamorphosis!

To learn more / to register, visit: https://leeroyparnell.topeka.live/

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